Sunday, 15 October 2017

Independence day | Keketales LXIV

Better late than never they say. Here is us wishing Naija a hearty 57th in arrears.
Seriously, this is what we imagine those guys up there will be saying of they somehow remember to look down on us from where ever.
A good friend of mine and my humble self were having a conversation a while ago regarding businesses in Nigeria. He made a statement that was quite profound
He said, "there is no such thing as a business remaining stagnat, you are either moving forward or backwards. There is no constancy"
Got me thinking, that if this principle can be applied to businesses, how much more a country like ours?
Are we really making any progress or are we going backwards with each passing day?

Monday, 2 October 2017

Naija Independence | Keketales LXIII

With mixed feelings, we welcome another year of Nigerias continued existence as an independent soverign nation. On one hand,we appreciate the fact that even with the recent crises rocking the nation, we managed to stay together. But that is about as far as our appreciation goes.

Since 1960, we have struggled withthe same issues over and over again; corruption, poverty, decayed infrastructure just to mention a few.

The thing is, if a 57 year old individual still struggles with issues commonly associated with children, we would not fail to callthe utter imbeciles. But our beloved Naija is 57, and we can not collectively seem to get our acts together.

I wonder what exactly we are celebrating.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Naija comedy tales | Keketales LXII

Tough talking leaders make the world more interesting. Over time, we have discovered that the key to be in the news always as a leader is to talk tough and sometimes, act tough too. Example, the chubby guy with the funny haircut leading North korea. Big dude is a tough talker, and often, his rhetorics are punctuated with a missile launch.

What about the orange man in the white house? (Has funky hair too). That guy became president because he talked tough; quote me anywhere. Though he is yet to carry out any major ground breaking decision, he drops a vocal missile every other day.

The guy in The Phillipines just does not care how you take his speeches, and he has been reported to have carried out a massacre of barbarian proportions under the guise of fighting a drug war. Tough guy.

Here in Nigeria, we have one too. Baba talks the big talk. Before he left to address world leaders (and visit London for God knows what), he ordered pythons to dance in the south eastern region. (thats a pretty cool code name for the massacre reported in some quarters).

Stay with me, I am sure theres a point here.

However, the problem we have is when our leaders in Nigeria are so eager to appear belligerent when talk is cheap,but what about acting tough on the under development we face.

It would be nice if someone up there would declare "operation python dance" on our rotting education sector, or the mostly dilapitated health facilities.

Would that not be awesome?

So when next we are faced with internal or external aggression, we would have developed intellectual manpower to tackle such issues.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Naija events chronicles | keketales LXI

We wish baba a safe and successful deliberation over there. Hopefully, before he returns, the terrorist rodents would have surrendered and been disarmed. We cannot fight on so many fronts and win.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Nysc comedy tales | Keketales LX

The heartbreak,when you expect the juiciest posting, and you are banished to spend the rest of your service year in a place google maps can not even begin to search.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Nysc comedy tales | Keketales LVIII

Looking back, camp was not all about drills and tedium. Eventually, some found Mr right, while for others unfortunately,  he left. Lol.